Zildjian A Series 20" Ping Ride Cymbal with ChromaCast Pro Series Boom Cymbal Stand

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Zildjian A Family

Zildjian’s classic sound is embodied by A Zildjian and immortalized in countless recordings by the greatest drummers of all time. Known for their versatility, these bright cymbals range from thin and delicate to extra heavy and cutting.

The Zildjian A Series Ping Ride Cymbal is part of the world's most popular and versatile cymbal series. Created from cast bronze alloy of 80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of silver, the A Series Ping Ride Cymbal is symmetrically machine hammered and lathed with a traditional wide groove. The result is an exuberant Zildjian cymbal that bursts with a classic voice that is pure, bright, and expressive.
  • Size: 20 in. / 50.8 cm.
  • Pitch: Mid to High, Sound: Bright/Mid, Volume: General
  • Balance: Blend, Sustain: Long
  • High-end, clear definition. Clean "ping" sound
  • Includes ChromaCast Boom Cymbal Stand
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