Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Box Set (A20579-11) Kit - Includes: Drumsticks, Felts, Sleeves, Cup Washers, ChromaCast Polish & Cloth

$ 814.98
SKU: JF-A20579-11-KIT-1

Celebrating 20 years on the market, this A Custom collection of sweet, articulate, fast responding cymbals will cater to any genre of music. Their glowing brilliant finish and modern sound appeal are perfect for any situation. Included in the set: 14" A Custom Hi Hats, 16" A Custom Crash, 20" A Custom Medium Ride and value added 18" A Custom Crash.

  • 14" A Custom Hi-Hats
  • 16" & 18" A Custom Crashes
  • 20" A Custom Medium Ride
  • Crisp, sweet and sophisticated sound
  • Kit Includes: 5A Promark LA Special Drumsticks, Cymbal Felts, Sleeve, Cup washers, ChromaCast Cymbal Polish & GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth
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