Toca Street Series Hand Carved Wood Djembe with 12" Hand selected Goatskin Head & Traditional Rope Tuning System

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The Toca TSSDJ Street Series wood djembe is full of character and their liveliness and playfulness comes through with every beat. The street element of these drums comes in their organic nature. Each shell is carved from a single piece of environmentally friendly plantation-grown mahogany wood. Twenty coats of teak oil are then applied to the shell to protect and preserve the wood. Each drum comes fitted with quality goatskin heads and a traditional rope tuning system. The result is an instrument that sounds as earthy and natural as it looks. 

  • Hand carved from one piece of environmentally-friendly plantation grown Mahogany wood
  • Kiln dried shells with up to 20 coats of teak oil that protects and preserves the wood
  • Hand selected authentic 12" inch goatskin head
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