ST. REGIS - Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rosé, Brut Sparkling, Noseco Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine & Champagne Experience Bundle with Chromacast Pop Socket, Seasonal Wine Pairings & Recipes, 5 Pack

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Experience the best Non-alcoholic wines ST. REGIS has to offer with our Wine Experience Bundle. The package includes top notch non-alcoholic wine from Spain and France. It's a great way for any wine lover to taste a variety of stunning examples responsibly and without headache! 

No returns or refunds on perishable items.
      • Non-alcoholic
      • Made from premium grapes from Spain and France
      • 750ML Bottles
      • Experience our seasonal wine and food recipes, included in this bundle
      • The ChromaCast PopSocket is a grip for easier texting, steadier pictures and a stand to watch videos

All the pleasure of complex and flavorful wines without any regrets.

Made from the grapes of some of Europe’s finest vineyards, St. Regis offers an impressive selection of palate-pleasing dealcoholized wines. With three varietals and now three bubblies to choose from, St. Regis will keep your wine rack fully stocked without the added calories – or headaches!

Not drinking? Enjoy St. Regis non-alcoholic wines on their own. Moderating your alcohol consumption? Simply alternate drinking our wines and alcoholic drinks so you can stay on top of your game. No matter the reason, St. Regis wines make it possible to indulge without sacrificing the complex flavours of a fine wine – or the luxurious experience of drinking one!

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