ST. REGIS & ARIEL - Chardonnay, Brut Sparkling, Noseco Sparkling Non-Alcoholic White Wine & Champagne Experience Bundle with Chromacast Wine Travel Cooler Bag, Ice Packs, Cork Screw, Pop Socket, Seasonal Wine Pairings & Recipes, 12 Pack

$ 149.98
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Experience the best Non-alcoholic wines ST. REGIS & Ariel has to offer with our Wine Experience Bundle. The package includes top notch non-alcoholic wine from California, France, and Spain. It's a great way for any wine lover to taste a variety of stunning examples responsibly and without headache! 

No returns or refunds on perishable items.
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Made from premium grapes from California, France, and Spain
  • 750ML Bottles
  • Enjoy wine responsibly without the added calories ? or headaches!
  • Experience bundle includes 12 bottles of non-alcoholic wine, ChromaCast Pop Socket, Wine bag, Ice packs, Corkscrew, and ChromaCast Wine Pairings & Receipe Guide
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