Seymour Duncan SH-1 Vintage Blues Electric Guitar Pickup Set - Neck and Bridge positions - Set of Two (2) COLOR: BLACK (SH-1n and SH-1b) - Includes: GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth & ChromaCast 4 Pick Sampler

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SKU: JB-11108-05-B-KIT1
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This pickup set delivers real-deal vintage tone for your Les Paul or other double-humbucker guitar. Inside is a matched pair of SH-1 59 humbuckers, one specially calibrated for the neck position, and one for the bridge. Versatile P.A.F.-type humbucker. Great for country, jazz, blues, funk, classic rock and heavy rock.

  • Seymour Duncan makes a lot of pickups. So, to make the choosing easier, they've released their most popular pickup models in pre-matched sets. This takes the guesswork out of determining which pickups work well together.
  • SH-4 JB (Recommended for Bridge position)-Just the right blend of sustain and distortion, -Completely balanced coil configuration that produces great harmonics and a high output from sweet warm tones to raw rock 'n' roll, -Combine this with the Jazz Neck and you've got Seymour's personal favorite combination
  • SH-2 (Especially popular in neck position)-Classic moderate output humbucker. Don€™t let the name fool you; it€™s not only great for jazz, but also country, blues, funk, classic rock and heavy rock. -For balanced and warm instruments. Works especially well with mahogany bodies and rosewood fingerboards. Also works great with hollow and semi-hollow body guitars.
  • 21 Day Real World Exchange Policy Purchase and install this pickup and check it out with your own gear, in places you normally play - concert halls, the studio, your bedroom - wherever. If you are unhappy with the pickup for any reason, you can exchange it for another Seymour Duncan pickup of equal or lesser value within 21 days of purchase. You pay only shipping and handling costs and any price difference for the replacement pickup. A return authorization is required, and the pickup must be returned in good condition, with the original parts and packaging intact.
  • Includes: GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth & ChromaCast 4 Pick Sampler
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