Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Single Coil Woody Acoustic Guitar Pickup and Cable - MAPLE - Includes: GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth & ChromaCast 4 Pick Sampler

$ 47.52
SKU: JB-11500-30-KIT1b

The Seymour Duncan Woody SA-3SC is a single coil pickup that features a natural acoustic sound with excellent string to string balance and very high feed- back resistance. Low noise, high output, easy installation, with no marring of your guitar. An attached 14 foot studio quality cable & a cloth drawstring storage bag are included. Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody SC Features Applications: Quick-mount, passive, magnetic sound hole pickup. Description: Moderate output, instant-mount, single coil pickup housed in maple cover and double potted. The tone is warm and rich with no 60-cycle hum. It is great for strumming and delicate finger style playing. It includes studio-quality 14 cable. Complete Setup: Plugs into any amplifier, however, for optimal tone, plug into an acoustic guitar amplifier, P.A., or mixing console. Guitars: Acoustic guitars with sound holes between 3.85 and 4.10 inches.

  • Quick-mount, passive, magnetic soundhole pickup,Single coil,Moderate output,Instant-mount, Housed in maple cover and double potted, Warm and rich tone with no 60-cycle hum.
  • PLAYERS: Kyle Ellison / Meat Puppets, Jamie Findlay. Includes: GO-DPS Polishing Cloth, Planet Waves Guitar Polish & 3 Pick Sampler.
  • If you are unhappy with the pickup for any reason, you can exchange it for another Seymour Duncan pickup of equal or lesser value within 21 days of purchase. You pay only shipping and handling costs and any price difference for the replacement pickup.
  • A return authorization is required, and the pickup must be returned in good condition, with the original parts and packaging intact.
  • 21 Day Real World Exchange Policy Purchase and install this pickup and check it out with your own gear, in places you normally play - concert halls, the studio, your bedroom - wherever.
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