Sabian XS20 14" X-Celerator Hats (XS1402XL) with ChromaCast Accessories

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When SABIAN launched X-Celerator Hats in the AAX and HHX series, they quickly became best-selling models. Crisp and accurate, their Air-Wave bottom design eliminates air-lock for maximum clarity. And now SABIAN X-Celerator design comes to the smartly priced Xs20 series. Bright, crisp and accurate, 14" SABIAN Xs20 X-Celerator Hats are smartly designed to eliminate air-lock. This results in incredible clarity of tone, a quality you simply won't find in any other hats at this price point. With Xs20, SABIAN blends Professional level B20 Bronze with modern manufacturing technology to offer a high-performance, low-cost cymbal for drummers at all levels. These are not budget cymbals ? they are cymbals designed to better fit within the average drummer's cymbal budget. Bright, clean and musical at any level, Xs20 is the smart choice.

  • A highly versatile and musical crash that works in any setting
  • Thin-weight response with M-weight power
  • Experience Xs20 Brilliant - at a Brilliant Price!
  • Protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty
  • Kit Includes: Felts, washer, sleeve, cymbal cleaner, & GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth
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