Sabian 22" Big & Ugly HH King Ride

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 Goldilocks would love the King Ride ˆ’ it€™s that €œjust right€? amount of dry, dark and wash. Powerful and sophisticated, it may be the most complex cymbal of the collection because depending how you strike it, it can be so many Tgs. Big & Ugly is a collection of unique Ride cymbals from SABIAN. They are big, dark, loose and dynamic - but most importantly, they are huge fun to play. Although the collection contains cymbals that span multiple SABIAN cymbal series, they are all united by their great complexity, versatility and distinctive appearance.

  • Huge fun to play
  • Powerful and sophisticated
  • The most complex cymbal in the B&U collection
  • Unmistakable warmth that only traditional hand-hammered cymbals can deliver.
  • Protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty
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