Quilter MicroPro 200 8-Inch Speaker Guitar Combo Amp w/ Accessories & Amp Bag

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When Pat Quilter set out to redefine the possibilities of what a guitar amplifier could be, he left no options off the table. Incorporating over 50 unique advancements in technology, he made what might be best described as the "swiss army knife" of amplifiers. Starting with his incredible tone shaping circuitry that has by all conventions "cracked the code" of solid state amplifiers and on through the "40's radio meets modern technology" styling you will be thoroughly amazed regardless of how you approach the MicroPro. An instant favorite amongst tone purists for it's deep and wide control set there are precious few sounds that cannot be dialed in. Looking for pristine cleans? Check! Warm and organic overdrive? Got it! Heavy crunch? Got that too. All in a package that is small enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airliner and lighter than some guitars in their cases. The backlit panel makes it easy to see on a dark stage, and the well thought out layout and electronics will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them.

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