Orange OB1-300 COMBO Bass Amp Combo with ChromaCast Accessories

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Taking the OB1-300's bi-amp inspired, all analogue design as a base, the combo version really shows off the OB1's deceptive versatility. Despite its relatively sparse layout, the real beauty of this combo is its ability to go from sophisticated to unhinged at the turn of a knob, or the stomp of a foot. The OB1-300 Combo houses a new 15" Eminence neodymium speaker in a carefully designed front-ported cabinet, and this configuration is the ideal match for the OB1's fearsome tonal platform. The two elements combine to offer an immediate attack and a seriously punchy low end, dishing out warm contemporary cleans, grinding vintage grit right up to heavily distorted mayhem . Most importantly, the OB1-300 Combo remains focused at all extremes of its wide-ranging tone controls - perfect for the bedroom, the bar or the big stage.

  • 'BI-Amp' Inspired 1×15 BASS COMBO With Footswitchable Gain & Blend Controls, Active 3 Band EQ, Balanced DI & Line Level Outputs
  • Instrument Input With Active/Passive Switch, Gain, Blend, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Footswitch Input, Mains Switch Input [-6DB PAD] | Treble (550-5500HZ) | High Mid (250-2500HZ) | Low Mid (80-800HZ) | Bass (40-400HZ) | Compression Level | Volume | Footswitch Input | Power
  • 1 X 15 8 OHM Eminence Neodymium Internal Speaker, Minimum Total Load = 4 OHM (1 X 8 OHM Extension Cab)
  • Orange or Black Basketweave Vinyl, Black Grille Cloth, 300 WATTS @ 4 OHM, Class A/B
  • Also Includes: ChromaCast 4 Pick Sampler & ChromaCast 10' Sunset Orange Pro Series Instrument Cable
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