Orange Crush Pro 412 Speaker Cabinet with Cable and Pick Sampler

$ 699.14
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A smaller, compact alternative to the PPC412. This speaker cabinet exudes the same rugged construction that makes Orange speaker cabinets some of the most coveted in the industry today. Featuring an 18mm birch plywood shell, loaded with a quartet of our custom designed 12" 'Voice of the World' speakers, the CRPRO412 delivers a full and punchy bottom-end, creamy mids and sweet, crisp highs.

  • 18mm high density birch ply, 2 x parallel ¼€? input jacks, hard wearing woven paper grill cloth, skid design feet
  • Power handling: 240 watts, Speakers: 4 specially designed 60 watt 16 ohm Orange Speakers
  • Impedance 16 ohm
  • Unboxed dimensions 26.77" X 27.36" X 14.57", 79.59 LB
  • Includes: ChromaCast Pro Series 10ft Cable, 4 pick sampler
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