Orange Crush Pro 120 Watt Amp Head with Cable and Pick Sampler

$ 499.98
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The perfect amp head for band rehearsals and small to medium gigs. The Crush CR120H packs a 120 Watts into a head with the classic Orange look. The Crush CR120H has been designed to look and sound the part, be it in a rehearsal, living room or on the stage.

  • Two Channel, Digital Reverb, perfect for rehearsals and small to medium gigs
  • Controls-Clean Channel: Volume, Bass and Treble, Dirty Channel: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain
  • Global: Volume and Reverb, 120 Watts of Output Power
  • Unboxed dimensions: 8.86" X 21.65" X 9.84" , 31.75 LB
  • Includes: ChromaCast Pro Series 10ft Cable, 4 pick sampler
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