Orange CR120C 120 Watt 2 X 12 Combo Amplifier with Accessories

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The Orange Crush CR120C is a 120W solid-state combo made from 18mm ply and loaded with two 12" 60W, 16 Ohm Voice of the World speakers. The Voice of the Worlds combined with the analogue solid-state circulatory gives the CR120C the tonal clarity and definition players adore in an Orange amplifier. The Crush CR120C combo amp is part of the Crush range, marking Orange's first foray into the world of high power, solid-state amplifiers. Orange have spent years creating a solid-state amp they could be proud of. The Orange team wanted to keep these amp simple. The dirty channel uses a circuit based on four stages of gain and a three band EQ which provides the player with a wide pallet of over-driven and distorted sounds. The clean channel is based on a two stage, two band EQ design, that gives the player a clean but warm sound which when cranked begins to break up. These amps have a transparent effects loop, allowing you to plug in your favorite pedals. It also contains a digital reverb that provides a natural sounding spring, hall or plate reverb. The Crush CR120C features Orange basket-weave Tolex, woven speaker grille, beading, hieroglyphs, and of course the Orange signature picture frame edging.

  • 120W; Two channel
  • Dirty channel controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain
  • Digital reverb
  • Clean channel controls: Volume, Bass and Treble
  • Includes: 4 Pick Sampler and Pro Series 10ft Cable
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