MXR M104 Distortion Plus Electric Guitar Effects Pedal

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Special Offer: For a limited time, receive a free Dunlop MXR T Shirt with your purchase! Offer valid only while supplies last.Controls can be set at minimum to produce low-volume controllable distortion or increased a bit to achieve a warm tube overdrive sound. Set to maximum, its pronounced fuzz-tone combines with long sustain. The Distortion plus may be powered by batteries or an ECB02 A/C adapter.Within the central areas of the Output and Distortion controls of the M-104 are some soft, clipped distortions that sound truly authentic, especially with a splash of reverb. Pushing the Distortion level up high produces some classic fuzz tones that are finding their way onto an increasing number of albums, in line with the current retro fascination. This distortion is an enjoyable alternative from LA saturation and thick, British crunch.The distortion can be tamed by using it with a warm crunch/overdrive sound as a base for some hip Hendrix sounds, and also to emulate Randy Rhoads' favorite deployment of his Distortion.

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