Marshall DSL15H 15W All-Tube Guitar Amp Head Kit - Includes Cable & Pick Sampler

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The Marshall DSL15H 15W guitar amp head is a no-nonsense, mini-brute. It is identical to the DSL15C except it doesn't feature reverb. It is compact, making it easy for the musician on the go.

  • Two footswitchable channels -Classic Gain and Ultra Gain, Footswitch supplied
  • Shared 4-way EQ -Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence, and Mid-Shift button adds to the amp's tonal flexibility
  • Deep button adds a resonant bass boost and Pentode/Triode switch to drop power down from 15W to 7; 5W
  • 4-12AX7 and 2-6V6 tubes
  • Includes: ChromaCast Pro Series 10ft Cable and ChromaCast Pick Sampler
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