Ludwig USA Keystone 3 Pc Drum Kit in Red Oyster (LK7243KXTQRP) - Includes: Zildjian A390 Cymbals, Hardware & Drumheads

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Having run the gamut between the low tonal warmth of the Legacy shell and the resonant midrange qualities of Classic Maple, the Ludwig Sound needed an alternative for the louder player. With this need in mind, Ludwig USA's craftsmen went back to square one to create a completely new shell for today's drummer. Keystone Series Drums have carved a new niche in Ludwig's tonal legacy. Rather than merely revisiting the sound that made us famous, Keystone Series has the distinction of a more focused tonality for the drummer seeking volume, attack, and power at maximum volume. Exceptional performance in environments where projection is necessary over loud instruments. Keystone Series is made in Monroe, NC. USA, under the same strict quality and structural standards as all Classic Maple and Legacy drums. A perfect balance between high-volume cut and subtle articluation is achieved for the live music drummer, putting a modern twist on a century of custom American drum making.

  • 9"x13" Tom, 16"x16" Floor Tom & 14"x24" Bass Drum with with 3-ply maple core, 1/16" inner- and outer-plies of American Red Oak
  • 5-ply combination creates a thin, dense drum shell that speaks loudly with quick, even decay and dual 45¡ bearing edge is pulled to the center of the Ludwig shell to seat perfectly into the head
  • Solid, authoritative tone with high power and attack providing the perfect balance between high-volume cut and subtle articulation
  • Includes: Extra Evan's drum heads pack with custom Bass Drum head - kit includes: 24" Emad clear bass drum head, G1 coated 13" Batter Tom Head, 16" G1 Coated batter Floor Tom Head, Inked (Custom) 24" Resonant Bass Drum Head (pick a pre-set design or create your own)
  • Also Includes: 5A Promark LA Special Drumsticks, Evans/GoDpsMusic Drum Set Survival Guide, Hardware pack (double braced snare stand, hihat stand,cymbal stand, cymbal boom stand, drum pedal, throne) &Zildjian A390 Box Set with 14" new beat hi hats, 16" medium thin crash, 20" medium ride cymbal and 18" medium thin crash cymbals, Cymbal Felts, Sleeve, Cup washers, Zildjian Cymbal Cleaner & GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth
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