Ludwig Accent Drive (JF-LC1758-KIT-3) 5-Pc Drum Set with Hardware, Sabian Cymbals, & ChromaCast Accessories , White Finish

$ 829.98
SKU: JF-LC1758-KIT-3

An all-new, all-inclusive, outside-the-box drum set package for the new drummer that needs everything! Accent's upgraded features create a solid foundation for a lifetime of drumming. Delivering everything the new player needs to get started, Accent does it all, and at an affordable price! Made with a 9-ply Poplar Shell and 45-degree inner Accent with slight outer bevel.

  • 22"x16" Bass Drum, 10"x8" & 12"x9" Toms & 16"x16" Floor Toms and 6.5"x14" Snare Drum
  • Durable, Wrapped Finish, Classic Micro-Lugs & Telescoping Bass Drum Spurs
  • Complete with cymbals: Sabina 14" XS20 X-Celerator Hats, brilliant finish(XS1402XLB), & 21" XS20 Medium Ride, brilliant finish(XS2112B)
  • Hardware Includes: 200 Series double-braced cymbal stand & hi-hat stand and 201 Series double-braced snare stand, plus Improved chain-drive kick pedal, drum throne, & drum key
  • Also Includes: 5A Promark LA Special Drumsticks, Aquarian Essential Rudiments, Chroma Cast 5AB Drumsticks, Drumstick Bag, Drum Polish, 22" Cymbal Cleaner, Cymbal Bag, & GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth
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