LP Aspire Santana Lion Conga Set, 10-inch and 11-inch

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Carlos Santana and his band, have been integral in the popularizing of Latin rhythms. He has created a fluid sound that is world-renowned and has no genre barriers. This sound has made him a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A new exclusive design featuring amazing artwork from the Santana IV album. This LP Aspire wood conga set features 28" drums constructed of 2-ply Siam Oak and are outfitted with natural rawhide heads, EZ Curve rims, 9/32" diameter tuning lugs, LP Aspire Heart side plates and chrome hardware. The 10€? and 11€? set includes a chrome-plated, height adjustable LP Aspire double conga stand. 

  • Exclusive Santana IV album artwork
  • EZ Curve rims and 9/32" tuning lugs
  • Rawhide Heads/Chrome Hardware
  • 10" and 11" drums, 28" tall
  • Includes conga stand
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