Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals Sultan Set HHS14, CMS16, RMS20 with Cymbal Bag, Cymbal Felts, Sleeve, Cup Washer and Polish Cloth

$ 659.45

Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk Series. The sound has unique brilliant characteristics of the Traditional cymbal sounds and the dry & woody sound of the unlathed Turk cymbal series. The top of the cymbal has an unlathed cup producing a strong, compact bell sound and an unlathed concentric circle on the bow reducing overtone and drying the sound. The bottom of the cymbal is completely unlathed. Mellow tone. Great stick definition. Controlled overtones.

  • Hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey
  • 3 Sultan Cymbals, 1 Hi-Hat 14", 1 Medium Crash 16", 1 Medium Ride 20", Cymbal Bag
  • Mellow Tone. Great Stick Definition. Controlled Overtones.
  • Includes Cymbal Felts, Sleeves, Cup Washers and Polish Cloth
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