Gon Bops Alex Acuna AACJ Signature Cajon with ChromaCast Direct Drive Cajon Pedal

$ 399.00

Authentically Peruvian! Mohena hardwood construction, meticulously dovetailed corners and pristine lacquer finish all add up to a quality instrument. Partially-sealed front panel design results in louder, tighter bass and plenty of high-end "pop". The matte-finish faceplate is built to Alex's specification. Hand made in Peru, each quality instrument is meticulously tested before it ships, resulting in a superb Cajon that is built to last!

  • Dovetail joints and durable lacquer finish
  • Crafted from indigenous Peruvian hardwoods
  • All wood construction does not include string wires or snare
  • Cajon Pedal turns your cajon into an acoustic bass drum.
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