EMG Zakk Wylde Signature Humbucking Active Pickup Set, Black

$ 199.00

Known the world over as one of the greatest guitar players ever, Zakk Wylde relies on his EMG 81/85 signature humbucker set for his aggressive tone and sustain. This classic setup comes complete with long shaft volume and tone controls for installation in Zakk’s beloved Les Paul or similar styled guitars.

  • Package includes: 2 Pickup Quik-connect cables, 1 Output Jack Quik-connect cable, 1 Output Jack, 4 interconnect Quik-connect cables, 1 Battery Quik-connect cable, 1 B152 Input/Output Buss, 2 ea. Long Shaft Volume & Tone controls, 1 ea. Shrink tubing (1 red / 1 black), 2 sets of screws and springs
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