EMG SA Active Single Coil Electric Guitar Pickup Set

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The SA Set combines the attributes of the early Strat„¢ sounds with added midrange response and higher output, giving the pickup "bell-like" harmonics and increased sustain. This active single-coil set, loaded with Alnico V bar magnets sounds bright and airy, with a rich bottom end. With internal shielding and a low impedance preamp, you get virtually noiseless pickups without sacrificing a true single-coil tone.

The Alnico V bar magnets allow for the output to remain balanced during big string bends that makes for a beautifully articulate tone. The creamy mid-range warmth creates sublime blues tones that are clear, strong and expressive. Experience why players like David Gilmour, Steve Lukather, Larry Carlton... have relied on EMG single coil pickups in the studio and on the stage for years.

  • Package includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect cable, Prewired split shaft volume/tone control set, Output jack, Battery clip set, Screws and springs
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