EMG H4 Passive Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup

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The EMG H4 is our best selling passive humbucker. Combining the power of our active 81 with the soul of a passive PAF, the tone is well balanced, with tight bass, glassy mids, and crunchy highs. These great tonal features are achieved by utilizing over wound coils loaded with ceramic bar magnets, all fully shielded for minimal noise. This pickup is most often used in the bridge position where it shines with excellent range, responsiveness and sweet harmonics. If you want a big rock or heavy modern sound, this is the pickup for you.

  • The H4 is the equivalent of EMG's 81 Active Pickup without the Active
  • Uses two bar-loaded coils
  • EMG's exclusive 5-wire quik-connect output allowing any number of wiring combinations
  • Fully shielded for a minimum of noise
  • Package includes QuikConnect cable, screws and springs
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