Dean Markley 2552 Blue Steel Light Gauge Electric Guitar String(.009-.042) 8 Pack w Picks

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SKU: JB-2552-8PK
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Dean Markley Blue Steel strings are cryogenically frozen with a blast of liquid nitrogen. By freezing the strings down to -320ºF, we tighten the molecules, minimizing microscopic gaps. This process removes transient frequencies that produce harsh highs and muddy lows, creating a more consistent string, with true tone and longer life. Made of 8% nickel-plated steel outer wrap on tinned Mandolin wire hex-core, Blue Steel strings have been top-sellers for years and are used by pros worldwide. Once you try Blue Steel strings you€™ll be hooked. They feel great, ring true, are durable and long-lasting, and they just plain sound good.

  • Dean Markley 2552 Blue Steel Electric Guitar Strings 8-Pack
  • Light Gauge
  • E (.009), B (.011), G (.016), D (.024), A (.032), E (.042)
  • Strings ship in Dean Markley's new bulk packaging
  • Includes 8 Packs of Strings & ChromaCast Pick Sampler
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