Dean Guitars DCR SPLTF TBK Custom Run No. 12 Split Tail Solid-Body Electric Guitar with Case, Trans Black, with Case

$ 1,099.00

The Dean Split Tail Floyd is an electric guitar that combines some of the most popular guitar body shape features. The mahogany Dean Split Tail has deep dual cutaways with sharp horns and beveled edges that continue around the entire guitar. The beveled edges make the cutaways even more effective in providing access to the higher frets. The Split Tail guitar's edges also catch light and give the entire guitar a more 3-dimensional look. Sliding down toward the tail of this knockout, you'll find the iconic long legs that metal heads have been in love with from day one.

  • Flame Maple Top
  • Set Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Black Hardware
  • Mahogany Body
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