ddrum Journeyman 13"x7" 8-Ply Snare Drum, Wine Red

$ 149.00

Low-slung goodness, for all manner of beats. Journeyman's benefits are especially streetwise in our Rambler configuration. The boom of this bass drum, the smack of this snare, and the ride-able glory of three powerful toms ensure you'll never feel under-powered. All of our colors are street legal, and we've got all of you covered... whether you want you and your kit to cruise in relative stealth, or if you want to make sure you're loud and clear in the visual mix.

  • Size: 13'' x 7''
  • 8-Ply Shell
  • Powder-coated black hardware
  • Die-cast Hybrid lugs and claws
  • Basswood shells
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