ddrum JMR522 MB Journeyman Player Midnight Black 5-pc Drum Set with Zildjian Crash Ride, Drumsticks & Survival Guide

$ 649.00

The Journeyman series offers custom features, at touring quality, at an entry-level price! Its 18x22 bass drum, standard in all configurations, is a street sweeper - and is complemented by the authoritative crack of the 7x13 snare. Journeyman's 100% basswood shells offer enhanced projection and bright tone, similar to maple.

  • Bass Drum: 18"x22", Snare Drum: 7" x 13"
  • Tom Tom: 7" x 10", Tom Tom: 8" x 12", Floor Tom: 14" x 16"
  • die-cast Hybrid lugs and claws
  • Includes: 2 cymbal stands, snare stand, hi hat stand, bass drum pedal, tom arm(s) & clamp(s) for mounted tom(s)
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