ChromaCast Upright Guitar Stand 2-Tier Adjustable, Extended Height - Fits Acoustic, Electric, Bass, and Extreme Body Shaped Guitars, 2 Pack

$ 24.98

This ChromaCast upright guitar stand features lightweight tubular construction and adjustable height suitable for most electric, acoustic, bass and extreme shaped guitars. The arms offer foam padding which protect guitars from potential damage while the rubber feet and neck strap provide stability and security. When it's time to go, the unit folds and disassembles for easy transport allowing it to be stored nearly anywhere.

  • 2 Tier Adjustable Support Rod
  • Lightweight and durable steel tubing with soft rubber padding
  • Rubber Neck guard locking latch keeps the neck in place
  • Collapsible for easy transport and storage
  • Higher cradle holds all guitars, basses, ukuleles, and mandolins. Including extreme body styles such as flying Vs, Zeros and more.
  • 21" wide base, cradle, 7" wide cradle, adjusts from 27" to 40" in height
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