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Breedlove Instrument Recordings:
No effects were used; only minor equalization / expansion was applied to remove any influences from the recording environment.

Interface: Lexicon FW810
Software: Logic Pro

Studio Artists: Tim Coffey on guitar, Lonnie Chapin on bass.

Audio samples are converted to MP3 for optimized web performance.

Note: Audio quality is reduced with MP3 compression.

2014 Instruments

Exotic Series:

Instruments designed for extraordinarily discerning collectors: the most coveted toneswoods in the world meet purpose-built craftsmanship for once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Masterclass Series:

Handcrafted from some of the finest woods available - the guitars that aficionados, enthusiasts and collectors will treasure and share, but won't let out of their sight.

Legacy Series:

Purpose-built to be a performer's go-to guitar: the finely crafted workhorse that always comes through, and that inspires and delights consistently over the years.

Premier Series:

Reliable, versatile, and accessible, these road-ready, performance-worthy guitars are available in two classic, solid tonewood options; rosewood and mahogany.

Oregon Series:

Handcrafted in the USA from solid Northwest body woods - myrtlewood, maple and Sitka - these models are wonderfully alive with tone and offer an exceptional value. View all Oregon models.

Stage Series:

Designed to shine on stage, both literally and metaphorically, these sonically rich guitars impress audiences with eye-catching appointments and the Breedlove sound. View all Stage models here.

Studio Series:

Professional, nuanced sound for studio-quality performance, whether in a home studio or a professional studio, these models are designed to fill the complete tonal range. View all Studio models here.

Solo Series:

Ideal for singer-songwriters, featuring side sound hole monitor to allow players to hear their music as if standing in front of the instrument. View all Solo models here.

Pursuit Series:

A "step-up" guitar for players who are ready to share their music with the world, featuring Fishman electronics and built-in USB ports for easy performance and recording. View all Pursuit models here.

Passport Series:

View all Passport models here.

Discovery Series:

Well-designed, easy to play and created specifically to inspire beginners to dabble, to dream, and to explore the guitar in a way that most entry-level models simply can't. View all Discovery models here.

Pre-2014 Instruments

The Master Class Series:

Our original Contemporary Designs, Built with the finest materials available.

The Focus Series:

Explore the Beauty Brilliance and Dynamics of these Redwood topped instruments.

The Voice Series:

Sustain. Balance. Clarity. AMPLIFIED!

The American Series:

100% true-red-white-and-blue, built in Bend, Oregon, using quality components. These acoustic-electrics are designed for balanced tone and impressive projection.

The Oregon Series:

Rich Complex tone from 100% all solid Sustainable Tone woods.

The Atlas Series:

Featuring signature Breedlove designs and amazing tone at an incredible value, these guitars are engineered and inspected in Bend, Oregon and hand crafted in Korea.

The Passport Series:

These solid top guitars are designed for value with superior tone and feel. Each guitar is crafted in Korea, then individually set up by one of our luthiers in Bend, Oregon.

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