Sabian 24" AA Bash Ride Cymbal Vote Winner w/ Sleeve, Washer, Felts, Polish & Polish Cloth. Brilliant

$ 359.00

The 24" AA Bash Ride is essentially a Crash-Ride edition of the Sabian Raw Bell Dry Ride but bigger and lighter. The small-bell design of the Bash Ride helps control the sound when you need a ride - or just open up and bash away on it for the huge, stage-eating sound only a 24" cymbal can produce. Either way, it performs equally well. Also available in a 21" model for those who need less volume.

  • Sabian Cymbal Vote 2013 Winner
  • A bigger, lighter crash-ride version of the Sabian Raw Bell Dry Ride
  • Small bell design controls sound for use as a ride
  • Performs equally well as a huge, stage-eating Crash
  • Includes: Cymbal Sleeve, Cymbal Washer, Cymbal Felts, Cymbal Polish & GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth
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